Monday, March 14, 2011

Viva Las Vegas- Sparkle and Shine

We had the most amazing time in Vegas. I had no idea what to expect but over stimulation and a super good time. I was quite surprised we were able to just relax and enjoy over-indulgent brunches at the Wynn, cruisy afternoons by the pool, and fabulous shows. The Wynn/Encore where we stayed did not disappoint. Our room was huge, beautifully decorated, and with a fabulous view. The hotel itself was 'knock your socks off' quality. We loved every nook and cranny. We were treated like royalty and would go back as quick as we lost our money on the blackjack table. And trust me, that's quick.

Its amazing how just a few days away from the everyday grind of life here in chilly Edmonton, a serious dose of vitamin D, an open schedule, and one on one time with my husband could be so rejuvenating. Exactly what we both needed. We were there for only 4-days, but it felt like a good week, and its funny how we were both itching to see our lovely Morgan again.

The first evening, we saw La Reve at the gorgeous Wynn Theatre, a Cirque inspired water show that took my breath away. It was created by the Cirque director and preformed by some of the most exquiste dancers, athletes, synchronize swimmers in the world. The theme was all about love, it was absolutely beautiful. Our favourite Cirque show so far, and we've seen quite a few over the years.

Then, we hopped over (semi-waddled) over to the Luxor and had our minds blown by the notoriously sexy and mysterious Chris Angel, and his show- Believe, featuring more wonderful Cirque. Surprisingly, he was incredibly down to earth, funny and sincere. His illusions were so effortless and seamless, it was like, 'Did that just happen?' Nothing showy with blowing smoke and lights, just him and his crazy magic. I was exhausted by midnight since we were up since 3am the prior morning, so bedtime was blisstime. Not exactly your traditional Vegas trip of mini-skirts and wild debauchery! We saw plenty of that along the way.

The next day we slept in, strolled into brunch, stuffed our faces and then recovered by the pool. Next, we popped in and out of the shops (drooled a little, especially over the shoes), snooped around the Wynn (which was so spectacular we almost peed our pants) and then off to Mystere, the original Cirque show in Vegas, running now for 17-years.

Day three- The pool grounds were so amazing, we planted ourselves down in some sunny chairs and spent the whole day soaking in the endless sun. Brydon enjoyed some icy Coronas, while I sipped on tasty virgin Pina Coladas, and when those got too sweet, it was on to virgin Mojitos. So refreshing, never mind the killer people watching...lets just say we were very entertained, never a dull moment, especially by the two had to be porn stars making complete asses of themselves with these body builder guys. Geez, I'm surprised they weren't asked to go to the over 21 pool (yes, that exists at the Wynn), we skipped it this time. Somehow my big belly may not have fit in! Anyways, it was hilarious. There was also plenty of lovely families there and really cute couples, everyone- just taking it in. Some covering their eyes...It felt so good to soak up the sun, my every cell needed it. I haven't felt that relaxed, WARM and content in a long, long time. It was the perfect day with my hubby.

That night, we also saw The Lion King at Mandalay Bay which we loved, loved, loved. The famous music, costumes and performers were so incredible, I actually let a few tears sneak out in the opening scene, 'The Circle of Life'. Not rolling down the cheek action, more like the wet eye look (I quickly recovered, thank God). I know, I know, partly the hormones, but the performance was so moving. It was just amazing to see the story right before my eyes. I just loved that movie as a kid...and still as an adult.

The 4th day- more pool time, as much as our virgin skin could take and then a flight out at 4pm.

Here are some of my favourite pics from our mini-holiday in the sun:

When we arrrived,
I was dying to get out to those pool grounds.

And so we did! The pool deck wasn't even supposed to be open this time of the year, so when the temperature spiked at plus-30, we were thrilled the pool was rockin.

The Lake of Dreams at the Wynn Steakhouse.

Talk about attention to quality and detail.

23-weeks in and feeling great. I felt twice as big after all the brunches.

We slept so well, and loved the electronic sheer and blind button that opened and closed them with just a push of a finger. A celebrity feature, as far as I'm concerned.

I love Vegas because when you look around, everyone is having a blast whether you're 20 or 70. Its an absolute riot. There is no such thing as time and you can do whatever you want in excess. Call it a night or go all night long. The shopping is never ending and the people watching is delicious.

We were able to see Vegas in a whole new light. You don't have to go there for a complete party bender, although a few drinks would have been nice! We came home relaxed, rejuvenated and with great tans. The perfect little getaway.

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