Tuesday, November 6, 2012

California Dreamin

Most of our days were spent frolicking on the beach, visiting other coastal communities along the  golden shores, coordinating meals, nap time, snack time, surf time, shop time, and just lazing around our beach house, well as much lazing around you can do with five rambunctious kiddos racing around. 

Every community hosts a fabulous farmers market, so we would often stock up on fresh local fruit and veggies. Not to mention the delicious fresh coconut water and honey sticks. They have such a healthy mentality there, supporting local farmers. We were in fresh food heaven. The boutique shopping was amazing. When the boys were back from their surf, and Lisa and I could sneak away from the kids for a few hours, we hit up a few shopping districts we fell in love with. No chains, many local designers and artists, so we were happy mamas on hunt for some lovely treasures. 

Scenery in California is both rugid and dreamy. Just the sight of palm trees make Brydon and I happy. They remind me of something Dr. Sues would dream up, playful and spunky. The weather was perfect, a balmy 25'C most days, even hotter inland when we went to Disneyland. I guess this is rare this time of the year, so we lucked out. Below are some pics of our favourite coffee shop and bakery, they had the best cinnamon croissant twists I think we indulged in everyday. We were in full-on vacation mode, so nothing was off limits. I engulfed an entire caramel apple to myself in Disneyland with not an ounce of guilt. 

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