Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puffballs and Paint

I've spent a lot of time at home with the kids this month. Brydon has been unpredictably busy for December, so our little darlings have had their fair share of mommy time. Endless snuggles, crafting for Morgan- which is her new obsession, and plenty of pictures to journal these precious days.

I love the crazy crafting, but the clean-up is a drag. I've been trying to teach Morgan to stay semi-organized, but I'm finding out quickly that this is pretty much impossible for a 2-year-old. Well, at least my messy monkey. In the mean time, its fun, and if it creates a big mess, so what, its keeping her busy, happy and creative!

What our living room floor looks like pretty much everyday!


Paint is the new bane of my existence.;)

The best (and the biggest) snowflake ever.
Yup, its square. No big deal.

So into it.

I like pipe-cleaners...until they get dumped out.
Try and put them back in the bag- ha!

Cove on the other hand, is rocking it out in his Jolly Jumper- steady. My saviour really, since he DOES NOT enjoy just hanging out on the floor with his toys. Tummy time has to be a scheduled affair. Usually, right after he wakes up, blissful from a good nap. Its the only way I can get him to surf on his cute belly. I sneak it in whenever I can. I swear he can sense when its about to happen. Little nugget! He's perfectly thrilled to jump the day away, but still manages to hang onto that adorable baby chub. Love that chub, like LOVE.

Edible, edible, edible.

Craft time always calls for bath time.

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