Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sparkle Invasion

Morgan has been one creative little bee this month. My most beloved decorations on the tree are for sure the ones she has whipped up with her two little hands. Although, I am finding sparkles in every little crevice of our home, its been worth it. If the world were to end, we'd be left with the obvious- Cher, cockroaches... and SPARKLES. The sneaky little specs of glitter get into everything, drives me bonkers! The fine spaces between our hardwood- bloody gleaming. Whoopsie!

Here are some pics of her precious little Christmas masterpieces. Have a favourite? Feel free to put in your requests for next year!;) LOVE.

Sparkle Planet Morgan

The puffball Christmas tree- duh, an essential.

Relaxing after a hard days work. Sometimes, I let her have the last few sips of what she calls mommy's Chai 'Latti'. Oh dear;) xo

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