Monday, February 13, 2012

Will You Be Mine

I am such a sucker for Valentine's Day, always have been...even the heart shaped boxes of chocolates, although the cheap milk chocolate doesn't do it for me anymore! I guess I'm a hopeful romantic. I don't believe in the hopeless bit. The playful combination of red and pink hearts is just too flirty and sweet not to like. It's also my mama's birthday. Hence, why they named her 'Val'erie! So, for many reasons, its a yummy day. Sappy or not, a little sap is a good thing. We all need it.

If you don't have a special someone in your life yet, romance yourself. Seriously, a hot bath with rose water, comfort food, a rendezvous with some amazing chocolate. What the heck, send yourself some pretty flowers too. White roses are always welcome, and just so dreamy.

Any chance to express my love for those I adore, I am grateful for. Especially my husband. Here we are below on our wedding day in 2007. I just treasure the expression on his handsome face. This man is my life. He supports my every dream, including staying at home to raise our beautiful children, my creative soul, and I just love him with my everything.

Happy Valentines, baby.

Our lives have changed so much since our so much.
What treasures we have now.


If you are feeling a little uninspired this year or just need some help getting in the romantic spirit, here are a few lovely images to rev up your Valentine's.

Have to do this with Brydon and the kids tomorrow night. Fort making is very popular around here these days, and a special Valentine's Fort- oh, yes. I want to hide inside and get a belly ache from eating too much dark chocolate.

Simple and sweet.

Imagine coming home to this DIY masterpiece. LOVE.

Nutritious, no. Spectacular, yes!

Love this sweet and romantic bed banner.

Tea for two? Yes, please.

Great idea for photography- what a treasure!

Absolutely beautiful and I bet, delicious!

A little do-it-yourself crafting,
this banner is super cute and easy to make.

I took Morgan into Safeway yesterday, and she went nuts for all the Valentine's balloons.
She even had all the produce guys melting at her squeals of excitement. May have to pick one up for her tomorrow;) An x-large XO, perhaps.

Adorable and kind of naughty;)

I spy with my little eye, someone whom I love...
very much.

For tomorrow-
Happy Valentine's Day lovelies.

Photo credits: Pinterest, of course!

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  1. weeeee I agree sweet girl, would LOVE to pull down your cute little knickers and have you wee all over me