Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pigtails and Yellow Bathers

Our home has been filled with sunshine and laughter these days, as Morgan dominates the scene, tearing up the place and entertaining us constantly. I am so glad she can be enjoyed by so many close family and friends. The huge bonus for living back in Canada and being around those that we love...well, there are a few that aren't here, that we dearly miss too. You know who you are people. Get home please!

She blows our minds daily, talking up a rainbow of new words. She is so funny and endearing, we just can't stop shaking our heads in total amazement and love. What a joy.

Playing horsey with Daddy,
while he washes the kitchen floor.

'Giddy-up daddy.'

She loves her little play kitchen from ikea.
She is becoming quite the cook. Today's special- Pigtail Soup!

Whipping up a tasty batch for her baby.

Today, I decided to try some pigtails for the first time. Well, she looked so cute with her new piggies, I'm not sure who was more tickled with excitement- her or me! I went a little snap happy of course. She's really growing up. Oh and that dimple...I'll do anything to see that pretty gem. 'Thanks grandpa Gary for the nice little gene prize.'

She LOVES her blankey so much. Its really sweet to watch her snuggle into it with such adoration. I wish I could get my hands on an extra. No other blanket will do!

This picture honestly makes me cry, not sure if its just how sweet she is or the pregnancy hormones. Probably a bit of both. Today we took her to the Waterpark with her Uncle Landon, Chris, daddy and Uncle Jarod. She loves the water and its like a little vacation in there. It was so bright and sunny today, it felt like we were on the beach. Something about being in your bathing suit in Edmonton in February. You feel like a rebel, cheating on winter. Ha.

She ventured off all by herself in the kitty pool to make new friends and play with the water toys, like she didn't even need us there at all. But she was sure happy to know we were just a few steps behind her, especially when she got bulldozed over a couple of times by the bigger and 'very unaware' kids, as I like to put it... Ha ha. Poor thing. Took it like a champ really.

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