Thursday, January 20, 2011

True North

It was one of those movie blizzard weeks that keeps you cooped up inside, snuggling under a blanket on the couch. It had been like this for days, and Morgan was going a little batty without a good dose of fresh air. When the endless dumped of snowflakes eased a bit, we bundled her up so she could play outside in the snow while daddy tidied our ancient garage.

I can't even believe how much snow we've had this year, and its still January! The banks around our house are 6-8-feet tall. Its absolutely endless and gives true meaning to a white winter. Here are the pics from Morgan's chilly adventure.

I thought we struck gold when we discovered a little antique sleigh in great condition. Don't think its from the 80's this one, more like the 50's. It's like...old. It was left behind in the rafters of our garage by some previous owners. Perfect for a little spin around the backyard with daddy. I'm shocked our garage hasn't caved in from all the snow. Brydon is praying for it to happen so we can collect insurance to build a new one. Ha, wouldn't that be nice...

Her head looks three times its size. Hilarious.
Mommy went a little nuts layering.

This one cracks me up.
She's just like a puffy marshmallow.

Nothing better than warming up to a little
old school Care Bears.
I'm so happy they have this stuff on DVD now.

Check out my gorgeous rat's nest.

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