Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Back

Some fun pics of Little Miss Cupcake Sugarpants herself. She has been a very busy little girl. Talking up a storm and owning this house like the Captain Morgan she is. Her imagination and cleverness is so fun to watch. I feel so blessed I get to spend everyday with her.

She absolutely insists on wearing her bathing suit around the house. I hope this awesome body confidence stays with her forever. I hope she's fifty and still rocks a bathing suit around the house in the dead of winter.

She loves rolling herself up in this little pink rug.
As the saying goes, "As snug as a bug in a rug."

I can't believe I am finally sitting here entering into my blog again. Its been months and I've been dying to give some love to Little Miss Cupcake Sugarpants. My little cupcake at home has been getting plenty of love, and the holidays have been no exception. She has relished in every festivity, from staying up way too late, to gobbling as many Christmas 'teats' (treats) as she can get her little hands on without mommy knowing. But as you can tell above, it doesn't show in her sweet derriere.

Where to even start...we are officially moved in and kind of, sort of settled. We have garbage bags up as drapery in our bedrooms (oh, so classy) and a front door that will probably result in a very high heating bill considering if you stand a mere 10-feet from it, you might as well be rolling around in a snow bank- brrrr. So that's gotta go asap, and we're still waiting on three pieces of tile to complete our shower. We have literally been bathing for the past month. Now I love a bath, but to soak in! So the completed shower will be very exciting indeed.

The neighbourhood- its quiet. Its cozy. And its ours to enjoy at last. Big snow capped trees, friendly neighbours that don't even give you a chance to shovel your sidewalk. They're out there quick as gum in the hair. Ruthless, but wonderful. To clarify- gum in the hair is ruthless, not wonderful. The couple across the street even brought over a big tin of Christmas baking. Which was greatly appreciated since I didn't have a second to do any this year.

The most exciting news- We are expecting our next little package in July. Another baby, another breathing, kicking universe to love, tickle, learn from and cherish. More tiny toes to kiss, more chapped nipples to heal, more sleepless nights, and tears of exhaustion and amazement. I couldn't be more thankful. I'm feeling good (the second trimester is what I call 'bliss time') and plan to deliver via water again if the universe agrees. Time has been flying by, and I know that this baby will be here in a hop, skip and sneeze. So now that we're settled, I'm trying to relax more, sleep more, read more, write more and just slow time down a bit. Spend more quiet time with my hubby. Enjoy these months with just our sweet Morgan. Soak her in like sponge toffee.

We just a bought a new crib, and I'm dying to set it up already, but I will wait...a couple more months, but that's it. Morgan is right into kissing my belly and ringing my doorbell (belly button). She says, "ding-dong" and then a big "HI" to the baby. She is obsessed with her own little baby doll she got from Grandma Val for Christmas, especially when its comes to feeding her milk and getting her dressed. Her booties come on and off, on and off, on and off... The only thing we might have to tweak is how Morgan insists on dragging her dolly around by the foot. She's already sporting a few scuffs on the head. That might not go over too well with the new nuggetiere. But like they say, the second ones are tough, right...

Its so good to back. We have so much catching up to do. Get ready to be bombarded by many more entries in the next few days. Follow me into 2011, and we'll have some laughs. May this New Year bring more love, health and sparkle than we all could ever imagine.

Love, love, love, Laney

ps. Tomorrow morning is Morgan's first class of gymnastics. Already, I know! She is growing up so fast. Her tummy has been a little off, so we'll see how she feels in the morning. If all is well, its going to be a riot. I'll post the pics. I wonder whether she'll be a balance queen or a tumbler extraordinaire. Maybe both, maybe neither.

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