Friday, February 18, 2011

Dream a Little Dream with Me

So, I've obviously been up to some super fun daydreaming lately. Trying to visualize the nursery which is a little tricky considering we have no idea what we are having. My gut says boy, but who knows! I've been combing through some of my favourite decor websites who haven't let me down- well, they're prices have, but who cares, I can wish. Where is a woman's fairy god mother when she needs one?

They sure don't have the selection out there for boys, like they do for girls. My mom always says how much better its gotten, so I guess I can't complain. I guess there was barely nothing cute or stylish for boys back in the day. AKA- 80's. But then again, was anything really stylish back then? Ha ha. I think you just gotta stick with the timeless stuff, and you can never go wrong, especially for your bigger, more expensive pieces. Have fun with trends on the not so pricey stuff.

Anyways, enjoy the beautiful pieces and rooms I think are just stunning. Below here is a little girls bed crown you would hang a sheer canopy under. Can you believe these things even exist?Its truly something from the Gods.

Nothing to do with nurseries, but I love this back entry way.
Its just smart and casually regal.

Morgan just got the most gorgeous quilt made by my birth mother's friend. I'm going to take some pics of it and post it asap. Its so beautiful.

I want to eat this chandelier.

This is so understated and calming, Not sure if I could go with the extreme simplicity of it, but I still really like it, especially for a boy. I think it would look great with some other pops of colour like orange, light green and blue.

This dollhouse bookcase is just so sweet.
I would have loved it as a little girl.

Man, do they make gliders stylish now a days. The ones at Babies Are Us kind of make me want to vomit in my mouth a little. Too bad, they're the only ones in my price range. Amazing how expensive they still are, considering how ugly they are. Comfy or not, they make me a little queezy.

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