Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gone to the Zoo

Cove was just a week old and Morgan was dying to get out of babyland, so a trip to the Valley Zoo was exactly what Dr. Seuss ordered. I was still feeling a little sore from the birth, but the fresh air and sunshine was just what I needed. It felt great to walk around and have some fun with our little monkey.

Petting Zoo? What petting zoo, more like three lazy goats. Boooo. She was dying to get her hands on a bunny, but it was in the 'do not enter zone'. Like, what is with that and how do you explain that to a 2-year old? That ponytail just cracks me up- so darn cute.

A lady who likes to be seen.

An awesome daddy perk- 'shoulder rides'.


Good ol Lucy, out for a stroll.

The choo choo chain was a BIG deal for Morgan. She wanted to ride it again, and again, and again, waving and saying hello to everyone who went by- just as if she were the queen.

And... she's all zooed out.
Rosey cheeked and topped up with ice-cream.
The perfect summer afternoon.

When we got home, we decided we should do Cove's tiny hands and feet prints. Well, we of course had to include Morgan too... Love the lighting this time of day.

Anything to do with paint, she goes nuts over.
We have so many incredible artists in the
family, it doesn't surprise me.

And here we go!

A masterpiece! He he, not exactly perfect, but a sweet memory anyway. I wished they stayed that small for a little while longer... I love her little knees in the background. These are the moments to treasure. I know we are going to look back at this time and, we are so damn fortunate. Never-mind, miss them like crazy.

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