Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mr. Ho Ho Ho

Brydon had to do an on-site for his business in Jasper last week, so we snuck away as a family for a couple days and loved every mountain minute. The air is just so clean and Morgan loved seeing all the wildlife on the way. Mountain goats were a big deal. Morgan called them 'mountain ladies'- why? We have no idea:)

We were so thrilled to be upgraded to a lakefront suite upon arrival...hells yeah! It was the prefect space for us- cozy and appointed with woody pieces and a very comfortable bed- always the best part. Can you spot a little monkey?

The view from our cabin:)


I'm instantly relaxed upon entry. I love how everyone is just lounging all over the comfy chairs and sofas, just like you've walked into someone's home. Cozy, feet up, sipping hot chocolate, or a special coffee of some kind of wonderful. Its magnificently chill. Nothing pretentious about it. The grand lobby of the Jasper Park Lodge may be my most favourite place in the world.

Charming touches like this old beauty used for storing daily newspapers make you feel like you are hanging out in your very own chalet. Their decorating is flawlessly endearing. I'd call it shabby/luxury if that makes any sense! Whatever it is, it works.

JPL's views are spectacular. Nothing more grounding and calming then looking out at the Rockies. Damn, they're beautiful.

My boys:)

Aren't these lovely. Wanted to sneak one home.

Morgan loved these bears.
They're so great with catering to kids.

Comparable, I'd say;)

Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture.
I can already see the little lady in her!

I love going to JPL in November. What a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Its decked out in the most traditional yet prefect Christmas decorations.

Morgan even got to see Santa! Although she refers to him as, 'Ho Ho Ho.' Her first conversation with 'Ho Ho Ho' went like this- Ho Ho Ho said, "Oh yes, you're the Morgan who would like a doll for Christmas, aren't you darling."

Well, she swivelled her head around with the funniest look on her face and said, "NO. A guitar!" It was priceless. Thats my girl! He must have felt like such a dolt. Poor Mr. Ho. She's just getting him warmed up...:)

"That's a really big tree, mommy!"

Cove-almost 5-months old!
(can't wait until Movember is over- eek)

Better if they were full!

In the evening, we just lit a wood burning fire in our room, ordered room-service and snuggled in for the night. It was so relaxing, I was ready for bed at 9pm...the fresh mountain air does it to me every time.

Life is so busy in the city, especially our life these days. Just a couple days away made us all feel more centred and refreshed. I'm so thankful for this little trip to the mountains. Jasper is so quaint and the scenery is the best. It keeps me coming back. Spending quality time with my family was so needed. Need a break, just go. You'll love it. Once again my friend, thank you Jasper. xx

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