Thursday, November 17, 2011

On my mind...

Kids are both alseep, Morgan still from the night, and Cove down for his first nap. I kind of like that they don't rise and shine at the same time. Gives me the morning with Cove. Its quiet and I get to sip on my tea while Cove and I participate in a smiling match. He usually wins.

What else is on my mind this morning...

1. Really looking forward to Christmas this year. Mostly time with my hubby, the four of us just hanging out, putzing around the house. Although I'm in denial that it wont get busy, it always gets busy.

2. Should I put up my Christmas tree up now, or wait until December 1st. Wait...I'll enjoy it for longer. Last year, I think we got a little sick of it. Then again, Christmas last year was just kind of crap all around. Except for some awesome family visiting.

3. Morgan sure is sleeping in these days...I like it. Man, she's almost grown out of all of her P.J's. She's getting so tall... Maybe time for a nightie. Nighties are so darn cute.

4. Gotta book a hair appt. asap. Need a fresh cut and these roots- poof! Gonzo.

5. I have so much tincturing to do, feeling overwhelmed. I'll get it done, I'll get it done. Just gotta sacrifice some sleep. What else is new?

6. Its so damn cold that I've turned the heat up in the house to 23-degrees. I like it WARM. My mother-in-law would die.

7. God, it drives me crazy when Brydon bangs his toothbrush against the sink when the kids are sleeping. So annoying and LOUD.

8. This housecoat needs washing...Morgan's frozen blueberry hands are all over it. Gotta remember to get Christmas lights for the house this weekend. Don't want to venture out with the kids on these roads. Gotta do it. Excited for lights. Brydon likes multi's, I like white's. Its all what you grew up with. My mom was a fan of the classic whites...we'll do multi's next year.:) Oooh, I'd like to get some flood lights too. A fan of flood lights. Garland...big bushy garland, love it...maybe next year, unless I find a good sale. May have to buy it at the end of the season. Ya, good idea.

9. Should of gotten my car starter installed in the fall, duh! I bet the wait-list is now into 2020.

10. I love kissing his cheeks...his cheeks, big cheekyweekies. Maw, maw, maw, maw. SMOOCH.

11. 'Oh the weather outside is frightful...something, something, something...'

12. Mmmm, lemon elderflower tea:) Me likey.

13. I wonder if Morgan is up, maybe tonight we'll try putting her to bed with no diaper...mmmm, no. I'm up enough with Cove still. She will have to wait. Unless daddy wants to take that on.

14. Do I hear a pitter-patter...?
15. 'But the fire is so delightful...' YES 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow'

16. Hmmm, the skin around my eyes is looking a bit vintage lately. Boooo. Need three days of straight sleep...and a beach vacation. Not going to happen:(

17. I definitely hear a pitter-patter. Gotta run. My day has officially begun! :) Didn't mean for that to rhyme, but I'm not changing it. Rhyming makes me giggle. You too?

Here are a few shots from over the past week. No words, just snippets into our life. Have a great day, and if you live here, haul out your long underwear. Your bones will smile all day.

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