Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Butterflies & A Spider

Another +30 day called for a day at the annual Street Performer's Festival in Churchill Square. After a quiet morning, I was thrilled to receive a text from my cousin's wife Kelsay (also, my good friend), with an invite to the festival. She has three sweet littles- Jackson, Danica, and Cohen. So we packed up the car, made our way downtown in the sweltering heat, and lathered up with sunscreen upon arrival. The sun was blazing against the pavement, with not a breath of wind. 

We were surprised how long the kids actually watched the street performers. They were so into it, smiling and clapping away, totally immersed in the local talent. It was cute and HOT, dang hot. So we cooled the littles down with ice-cream and a fountain dip. It was total mayhem in there, so we just got their little feet wet. Luckily, cooling off their little piggies seemed to satisfy them, and just the spray off the fountains kept the mama's happy. 

I love this first pic I took with Instagram, totally captures the intense heat and contagious electricity. Those kids were going crazy in that water! Total summer mayhem. Today reminded me of summers in Edmonton when I was a kid. I'm dying to get the littles to Mill Creek Outdoor Pool in the ravine. The Epitome of summer for me! My mom took us there all the time while growing up, and we loved it. Gotta keep up the tradition. For the local readers, anyone else a Mill Creek Pool Lover? 

Baby Besties:)

Thanks for a great day! We always have so much fun with you guys:) xo

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