Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Party Sneaky Peaky

He's officially one:)...and I'm officially 31. We celebrated Cove's 1st birthday, and my 31st Birthday last July long weekend. It was a heap of energy pulling together two big birthday parties on the Saturday and Sunday, but worth the time, work and all the love that went into both.  

Just escaping back out to the lake again to enjoy the hot weather this weekend, but couldn't help but post a few pics before leaving. For Cove's party, the boys rolled out 25-feet of commercial poly as a slip and slide!!! I don't know who had more fun, the grown men or the littles. It was such a riot, and I can't wait to post the rest of the hilarious pics. 

This picture of Cove below- gahhh, he melts me. He was a very happy birthday munchkin. After a good morning nap, he was ready to rip it up with the rest of the lake littles. What a day, what a boy! 

I love Ben's terrified arm in the background:)

My Vintage Tea Party 

I loved my cake. I even had two pieces. 
What the hell, its my party, I'll eat cake if I want to;)


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    1. Thanks Ivana! How did you find us?:) I just checked out your beautiful blog, and added it to my 'beloved blogs' list. Ivana is absolutely gorgeous and your pictures are amazing. Thanks for visiting. xo

    2. Whoops, just realized I called you Ivana! I'm sorry, what is your name?