Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lil Bed Crasher

While Morgan was in the bath yesterday morning, cleaning off enough paint for a 60-foot mural, I let Cove happily play in her room. He loves Morgan's bed, and is delighted he can climb up onto it all by himself, but getting down is another story. He free falls most of the time, and ends up on his head on her technicolor rug. No tears, just a charming little smile of total bed crashing satisfaction. But you should see him snuggling into every pillow and blanket he can find, its just too cute. Instagram captured the lil bed crasher in motion. 

Why I let her do this, is beyond me. I guess I know that play-school and every year after that will not allow this kind of 'creative freedom:)' So what the hec, go for it girl. The intensity in her eyes cracks me- crazy lil artist. 

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