Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stay Cool Man

Morgan made a 'campsite' this morning with blankets and pillows in the living room. She snuggled into it and pretended she was surrounded by ferocious crocodiles, singing "I'm the king of the sea, I'm the king of the sea." When she was eating her cut up nectarine, and bit the inside of mouth, she said, "Owe, I bit my nipple." I almost choked on my tea. 

Cove spent the morning snooping around in the kitchen (Morgan's kitchen), until he slammed his fingers in the cupboard doors three times. He still hasn't quite figured that out yet. Poor bug. I am loving how snuggly he is, constantly nestling into me and every soft thing he can find. He's starting to take one or two steps on his own. Its too cute, but I'm not rushing him. I'm loving this age so much, I wouldn't mind if he stayed this way for a weeeeeeeee...eeeeee....eeeeeee longer. 

My house is in shambles, as we still don't have our basement done and we are just too busy. Everything that should be downstairs is upstairs, so it feels like we're living in a shoebox of chaos (1st world shoebox of course) all the time. Hoping to finish up that bad boy by the fall- ha. Putting it out there anyways! In the mean time, I've been maintaining the controlled chaos up here, well, most days. Here are some recent photos of our domestic mayhem and summer fashion picks to fall in love with (can you believe its half over, sob sob). Happy Thursday. xo

Ombre hair- mermaid style- love.

We are outside all the time, mostly because its summer, but also to escape from our domestic mayhem inside (ok, mess) all the time. I think it keeps us all sane. 

Just a little eye candy for you today. What a gorgeous summer shoe by Charlotte Russe, only...$45.50!!! Can you believe it, I can't. Gahhh, get on my tanned little tootsies please!

Stay cool in these fab looks for summer from pinterest.   

Aqua and gold.

I want this entire Madewell outfit- so summer sweet. 

Homemade lemonade with honey stick and fresh mint.

Fruit and yogurt pop, so yummy.

Stay cool man. xo

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