Monday, July 23, 2012

Chompsmiles and Pink Houses

My yard has split personalities. One half is lush with grass and nurtured by the careful hands of my husband. Its a big green blanket for the kids toys, the sprinkler and there soft little tushies and knees. The other side- a baron dessert of dirt and stand alone weeds. Morgan often mistakes them for 'beautiful flowers'. We only got to sodding one side and now my husband has decided to seed the rest...ugh. But the kids are still so attracted to the dirt, and they've gotten to know the dry feel of earth in their tiny hands. So I guess this mama doesn't mind. 

Nothing better than a big pot of homemade soup on the stove. This batch is packed with fresh dill, kale, parsley and tomatoes. You want to know my secret? Adding a jar of hot dog relish and a package of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup, a little trick I learned from my 85-year old grandma- so easy and tastes freaking amazing...mmm, pickles in soup! 

Her 'tower' needed a flag, so daddy made it happen with this little leaf. 

At one point, Morgan stands up in a mad panic, hopping from foot to foot, screaming, "Ahhhh, CHOMPSMILES, CHOMPSMILES!" 

Brydon and I are like, what the hec are Chompsmiles? So I make my way over to see her pointing at a piece of hair thats stuck in her pile of dirt. I said, "Morgan honey, its ok, thats just hair." 

"No mommy, thats a scary CHOMPSMILE. I saw it with my own eyes." 

He, he. Ok, its a Chompsmile. 

She took off with this butterfly catcher like a bat out of hell...or a songbird out of...? Lol, anyways, the mommy paranoia in me was scared she was going to trip.

Swift and nimble, that girl. Thank goodness. 

This girl is obsessed with PINK, and told me yesterday that she sad we don't live in a pink house. I told her when she grows up, she can paint her house all pink if her heart so desires. Maybe it would look like this...

or this...

or this, perhaps...:)

I'm a little surprised by how charming a pink house can be...I guess I'm not totally imposed. They can be pretty darn cute! 

Lavender ice cream- the most refreshing summer treat
Fruit just tastes better when its cut into juicy stars. 
Love this idea from Pinterest. 

I recently got some really great news over something I had been worrying about for years. I wont bore you with the details, but I'm so thankful, as it instills my faith in what I know to be true. I'm thanking my lucky stars. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! Who knows, maybe you'll come across some CHOMPSMILES, but hopefully they're not in your soup or margarita:) xo

ps. does anyone live in a pink house? 

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