Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toilet Monster

Covey has been obsessed with playing in the toilet. He opens and closes the lid and has finally learned not to get his fingers stuck. Its pretty yucky, so this mama has been keeping is sparkling clean. Well, as clean as you can keep a toilet. So...maybe I should get a lock for it or something...that will drive me crazy, but I can't keep him out of there! In the meantime, couldn't help but snap some pics to document his grody shenanigans. I just love my dirty little toilet monster. 

We spent most of last week at the lake in +37 weather. So this mama is a little more bronzed than usual. I slathered the kids with Aveeno Baby SPF 55 (love baby sunscreen by the way, its gentler, with less chemical crap but still effective) from head to toe and still managed to tan. Gotta admit- love the summer glow. The weather has been blazing hot and this mama is not complaining. The littles have been handling it well, and I crave this heat all winter. Bring it on! Happy long summer days everyone, many more pics to come. 

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