Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Heart Cupcakes

I have always had a bit of an obsession with cupcakes. My mom was an elementary school teacher and she would often come home with an extra cupcake just for me from one of her student's birthday celebrations. This made me a very happy girl. They never looked quite like this, but they were still so yummy.

Ohhhh, I must do this tutu cupcake tower for Morgan's b-day one of these years. Its just so pretty.

Can you believe cupcakes this beautiful even exist in this world? I'm putting my request in now. Screw being an eagle! I want to come back in the soul of a cupcake please.

They're so pretty, I want to scream.

Cheeky or what. Love.

Oh cupcakes, you're so freakin adorable and tasty. Anytime anyone wants to surprise me with a cupcake is just fine with me! And don't worry, even if it's this pretty, I'll still eat it. Happiness is a piece of cake.

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