Monday, May 24, 2010

May Long 2010

Plenty of food, fresh air and love, love, love...

Something about barbwire fencing and grass.
So pretty. So summertime.

Brydon's mom, Cathy and Auntie Karen hosted Lindsay's bridal shower at the lake's clubhouse. The spread was abundant and delicious as usual, and the room was filled generations of strong women, witnessing and celebrating another about take the scared plunge.

Morgan and Ava happily played in the window.
Ava couldn't stop giving Morgan hugs and pats on the back.

All smiles on the kitchen floor, nap deprived and all.

The bride showing of her shower bling.

The next morning, my chipper hubby got up bright and early to start breakfast on the fire grill. After tasting its yumminess, I don't think I can ever have a kitchen breakfast again. It was amazing!

The non-cookers enjoyed the sunshine and steamy mugs of Baileys
and coffee, the Johnson's classic lake morning treat.
I love this pic of Morgan and her Uncle Jarod.

Nanabelle with her girl.

Mrs. Spidey's comfy abode.

Beautiful Samson, the lake's 'white wolf'.
A gentle giant fur-ball of a pup.

Mommy sneaking a morning kiss.
She doesn't look too impressed, does she!

Pretty old tap.

"It so good Nana, I gotta hang on!"

Jeff and Christy's doggy, Pheonix.

Phoenix tried to sneak a kiss too!

Oooooh yeah.

I loved driving home and admiring all the baby calves. Its that time of year. They are so adorable, I almost loaded this one in the back of my car and took it home with me. I'm sure Morgan wouldn't mind sharing her crib with this cutie-pie.

On the zoom home, I turned into a sleepy little town called New Norway. It consisted of one street really. I tried to imagine what it would be like to live there...sleepy. Maybe I'd get into making honey or something. That would be cool. Oh, and I'd definitely have a kick ass garden. I can see my kiddies spending hours in the raspberry patch, all stained up and red tongued. Oh, and I'd do a lot of pickling and jam making too. Yessssss, I can see it now. I also managed to snap these sweet pics while still in the driver's seat.

I got stopped by three trains on the way home, but I didn't mind at all. Their bright colours flew past me, as if to say, 'catch ya later Albertagator'. It was quite spectacular, and I'm kind of a sucker for cabooses. They're so charming and represent the end of something so rich with storybook history. Can't get enough really.

What a lovely weekend spent with family. I feel so thankful. I had some good 'me time' too. Morgan's coming home later with daddy. The drive home was peaceful and not rushed.

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