Friday, May 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

"Hello friend, I am part of your soul"...

Photo Credit: Thompson Family Typepad
I love this photo. Can you imagine if life was always this rich with character, this pretty. All that's missing is a mason jar full of golden honey. I'd live in this world 24/7. There's an earthy chicness to it that just tugs on the ribbons of my spirit. I'm so excited to have a big backyard someday, where I can create little sanctions like this one.

Photo Credit: Fliker
When I was a little girl, I spent so much time outside in nature. As an adult, I don't spend nearly enough time out in the great outdoors. I used to have such an intimacy with the earth and trees, as children we can almost speak 'Tree'. I remember spending entire afternoons on this little side porch of our home studying rocks, mixing potions and playing in the dirt. Those are truly the most meditative times of my life.

Morgan has such a natural fascination with nature already. She is constantly pointing at the door to venture out. She teaches me that we belong in the fresh air, in the sunlight, on the grass. I must always remind myself of how calm and clear all of these things make me feel, even if they make me sneeze.

Photo Credit: Cup of Jo
I still have a romance with rocks. They make me feel grounded and centred inside. Just to look at them puts my mind at ease. It's interesting to see how your childhood passions transform. I shouldn't be surprised that I make jewelry now and am fortunate enough to be surrounded with beautiful rocks and gemstones all the time.

It's funny how certain rocks speak to us. I love those moments when you're on a walk or at the beach and this certain rock jumps out at you and says, "Hello friend, I am part of your soul." It's amazing how we can feel such a deep connection with such a small piece of nature.

Sometimes we pick up our special rock and put it in our pocket, other times, we acknowledge its beauty and let it remain. Maybe rocks are our mirrors. The beauty we see in them, is a reflection of our own innate beauty...

Being in touch with nature is being in touch with yourself. There should be no line between us, but sometimes we draw one when we're too busy with life. I'm erasing that line today and going outside, my rocks are calling me.

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