Monday, May 31, 2010

Life in Pictures

I discovered Bentley Waters, a photographer whose style I just adore...

This shot is brilliant.
May have to do something similar with my cute neighbour boys.

Here is some inspiration for the mommies to be, and just pure eye candy for the rest of us...

Love this nursery for a little boy. Its modernly traditional, if that makes sense. I love the contrast of the dark and light furniture, mahogany floor boards, plush rug, old-school slanted walls and giant giraffe. It's comfy but still whispers lovely style. Click on the image to make it larger. The details are uber cute.

This is little Devon who was the lucky bub to win a interior design prize of having her nursery decorated by New York IT Firm, Lavender and Plum. She and her room are precious. Reminds of pink lemonade. Isn't she sweet?

Those curtains rock. Love the camel pic too.
The pink and yellow combination is totally delicious.

Love this angle and those baby legs.

I love the striped rug, yellow lucite chair, vintage heater, and big comfy rocker. The room also boosts good bones which always helps to enhance its fabulousness. It doesn't get any more fresh or pretty than this. Enjoy sweet Devon. Lucky girl! Check out Bentleys other work at, it's perfection.


  1. June 6th now hunny! Where's are up-dated post? Huh?... we're waiting cause we LOVE what you do here.

  2. nice close up pic, love some like that no diaper see her little bald pussy real close up