Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Dream

So, I kind of have this little dream....

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of a cottage in the woods next to a little creek. Kind of like the one Sleepy Beauty gets taken to by the three good fairies. There, I would mix my healing potions and live amongst the birds, berries and bunnies. Fantasy? Maybe, but funny how its kind of coming true. Well except the little creek part, we may have to build that pretty baby ourselves.

Brydon and I just bought a little bunkhouse from his Aunt and Uncle at the lake. It needs some work to say the last, but once its done it'll be cute as a button. No, this isn't it (I wish) but I'm using it for inspiration. I'll post pics when it gets attacked by my faboo wand.

Morgan would hammersmash this in a second,
and then it would hammersmash her!
Maybe a project for retirement?

I love these floating slate steps. The greenery is to die for too. Looks very BC to me. Oh BC, you are so freakin lush and beautiful. Oh prairie Alberta, you are so dry and crusty. (Sigh)

Charming lanterns are a must in my garden oasis. Love these ones made out of old mason jars. I see these accompanied with balmy lingering evenings with close friends, yummy food flavoured with spices from the garden, spiked lemonade, and warm vanilla cake topped with fresh berries and a drizzle of the finest maple syrup. Who's in?


  1. oh i am so in! lol
    Lane - you're such a talented writer.. i can totally just picture everything you say. its perfection... kind of reminds me of the happy hobbit town in lord of the rings where they are oblivious to the evil that surrounds them.
    i always had planned on big things for the bunkhouse to make it our own too- but sadly that didn't happen. too bad- maybe if i would have done it - you wouldn't have as much work now! oh well! you guys will make it a perfect little home away from home.

  2. Thank you Linds. I love your hobbit town analogy! Thanks for giving up your dream to help make our little dream come true, its good karma for you!

    You can come and hang out anytime, and please help me convince Brydon and Jarod not to wreck my lovely dream by hanging they're cheezy giant Bob Marley poster. Love Bob, just not taking over my cottage in a monster sized poster! Somehow, it just doesn't fit, you know! Hehe.

    Spiked lemonade and vanilla cake here we come! xxoo