Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a day...

Today I got so many kisses from Morgan, I was constantly covered in her slobber, but I didn't mind one bit. I'm not sure if she knew it was mommy's special day, or if she was just feeling extra kissy. I savoured every smooch. Check out her elbow dimples!

Brydon and Jarod bought Cathy and I the most gorgeous bouquets from my favourite Italian florist, Zocalas. They went perfectly in this pretty French craft I normally keep a messy bunch of daisies in.

We enjoyed a fabulous brunch at The Manor Cafe on 124th.
I had the Mr. Eggs Benny of course! Not the best pic of me, but it'll do.

Love those little toes.

She looked so sweet in her dress. I could have just eaten her up all day.

Happy 30th honey. Your mom's Pennsylvanian Dutch cake was mmmm so good. Morgan- you even got to sit in daddy's old highchair. You look great in vintage sweetpea.

Cassidy's version of smelling the roses. I like how she rolls.

Jude sneaking a little kiss from Morgan. Look a those curls!

Oh Mimosas, you are dear to my heart.

Oh those sweet eyes.

My sweetie got me the little ducky charm for my Tiffany charm bracelet. A perfect token for the last year of serious sleep deprivation...and heaps of joy. Love you babe.

Sharing a moment with Nanabelle.

My first Mother's Day was so special. I'll never forget it. Being a mommy is the best gift ever, I feel so blessed. Sharing it with Brydon was double the celebration and fun. I can't wait until next year! In the mean time, I'll enjoy the next 364 days of mommy bliss! xo

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