Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan

I can't believe she's one...
She showed that cupcake who's boss.

'Follow the pink and brown ribbons to our secret place by the lake.' The boys found a killer site nestled in the trees in front of the lake at Hawrelak Park. There was the perfect amount of sun, shade and grass. It was quite secluded in the woods, so we had to paint the back window of my car to point our guests in the right direction. A fun clue for a fun party. I just hope it comes off!

The weather was stellar. Spring buds everywhere.

Follow the pink tulle.

Practicing her b-day strut with Auntie Bianka.

What a view!

Mommy and daddy showing Morgan how to blow out her candle.

'Come on baby, let's boogie.'

Ready to be beautified!

Grandpa Ken and Grandma Bev having some love time with Morgan.

Leala's beautiful girls, Indigo and
Anika painting up their gorgeous creations.

The sparkles were a big hit thanks to Martha Stewart.

BBQ Picnic heaven.

Mmmm. Everyone loved the cupcakes
topped with mini clouds of cotton candy.

Maddy, the heartbreaker.

Grandpa Gary getting in his birthday girl snuggles.

The gifts were so thoughtful. Thanks everyone.

Beautiful mama Suz and adorable Nathan.

Can't go wrong with gumballs.

Jarod (aka. Uncle Manny) creating his masterpeice for Morgan.
What a sweetheart.

Tutu dancing in the breeze.

Mr. Gerber Baby himself, sweet sweet Conner.

Happy 1st Birthday darling.

She celebrated in mommy's old highchair, just like mommy did!

Just a few of the masterpieces.

We love Levi.

The fam. and lovely Anika.

Anika shocked us with this stunner for Morgan- truly amazing.

Indigo helped open almost every present,
she was a wonderful de-wrapper.

Linus rocking a yellow bow.

And that's a wrap. Nighty night sweetpea, we love you to bits and bits. It was such a perfect day. The only thing that would have made it better is if my mom could have been there. She would have loved it. She would have added so much to it. I wore her gold cuff with the big turquoise stone to remind me of her all day, to have her there in some way.

The tragedies in our lives make us so much more thankful for what we have. The love and support in our life is phenomenal and very much appreciated. Morgan's first year has come and gone, and what a year it was. She is so loved, so treasured, so Morgan.

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  1. That's so great Lane. I'm glad Morgan's first Birthday was perfect! it looked like a little girls perfect day! What a special day for a special girl!