Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Home- Comfort and Chaos

Welcome to our home. Its an ever changing space of comfort and chaos. I feel like I'm running a constant marathon to clean and maintain some kind of sanity. Not to mention, we are still renovating. I feel so much better when things are in their place, but with these munchkins yanking out every little toy possible, its almost impossible. So some days, I give up, sit down and just play with them. And, I must say, it makes us all happier, until they go to bed of course, and I am left with the day's tornado. Sound familiar? I love when bloggers share their homes, I find the spaces where people spend their lives so fascinating. Messy, clean, whatever, I love it. Like a fly on the wall. Kitchen, bathroom and more pics to come later. For now, come on in!

Her room as is a the point where it needs a massive overhaul. I need to go through every drawer and shelf. Time to donate some toys and get organized for fall. Kind of love this time of year for that. 

This chandelier hangs over our bed in the master bedroom. I love the dark blue crystals and the sheer threaded shade. 

I still have this pretty congratulations banner up from my best friend's wedding shower. I don't think I'm quite ready to take the sparkly thing down. But, I am excited to move the TV downstairs once the renos are done. Oh and the playroom, soooo looking forward to having a playroom. The upstairs can sometimes be busting with tripable toys. 

Lollipop bonding 

Love his blond little head. 
Never could imagine anything that could be softer.

I can't believe our summer is almost over. I know, I said it. But as much as I'm going to miss all this time in the sunshine with the littles, I'm kind of excited to get back to some kind of routine. I know, I said that too. Morgan starts play-school two days a week and BALLET, which she couldn't be any more excited for. We picked her up a little pink dance bag yesterday at H&M, so cute. Not to mention how much I love shopping for fall clothes, especially for Morgan and Cove. Sweet little cardigans with riding patches on the elbows, wee jeans, sweater dresses, pea coats and fall boots I'd like to rock.

This winter isn't going to be too bad for us. We have an awesome trip planned to California late October, and if we're really good, we're thinking of sneaking off to Mexico for a couple weeks in Feburary. Not only that, but a little birdie told me its supposed to be a mild winter again this year! Did that just make you day?

I can't remember a hotter summer, my brother said it was like were all transported to Europe or something. I loved the smokin hot days, followed by booming thunder and lightning storms at night, reminds me of the 2 months Brydon and I spent in Costa Rica in 2003, minus the seashell covered beaches and rain forests of course.

These pictures below just encapsulate the summer for us. We spent heaps of time out at the lake. The kids had a riot with their cousins, picking berries, wagon rides, pool time, trampoline mania, freezies on the deck and plenty of wholesome meals from Uncle Tim's garden. I'm glad I was able to take Monday's nights off from teaching yoga. It allowed me to just hang out at the lake and not have to rush back. And what's a summer if you have to rush...besides to the potty for your 3-year-old.
Berry picking at the lake.

When Morgan refines her drawing skills a touch more, I'd like to send one of these in, so she can get her only little creation made. How unique and creative is this company, Sunny Little Studio, that will make any stuffed creation your child has the imagination to draw. LOVE. What a keepsake. Visit the link above, you have to check this out!
 What I love most about our home, are the people in it.
Freaking cute.

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