Wednesday, August 22, 2012

His Room

Our little one year old is growing into his room, playing with all the special toys and treasures that have been waiting for his wee paws. I wanted to share some pictures of what its morphed into since I posted his first nursery pictures just before he was born. Its starting to look like a little boy is on the loose here, verses my sweet baby. 

Cove started walking just about a month ago, and I can't get enough of his penguin waddle. He's doing his best to keep up to Morgan, but sometimes I have to kiss those little blue bruises he gets on his tushie from the hard falls. Our hardwood doesn't make it a very friendly tumble. 

He's also finally sleeping through the night, even though I'm still nursing him during the day. So I'm beyond pleased about that! This mama needs to catch up on some serious sleep. I thought I would have to wean him off the breast before he slept well, but he's doing great! 

Its so fun to see Covey hunting around his room for all his toys, although the vacuum cleaner still reigns his fav. I have enjoyed decorating his room maybe even more than Morgan's. Its a tiny room, so we've had to be creative and with no closet (yes, that's right), we've had to use the space very efficiently. Below, meet his martian friends, Maggie and Merle. Don't you just love the beautiful shelving unit with the mini rainbow drawers- Homesense $34.00. A steal!

I really wish he would stay one for a year longer. Its the cutest age and I love that he needs his quota of mommy snuggles and open mouth kisses. I'll take those wet kisses anytime. Stay tuned for Morgan's room next. I could have 100 children just so I put together beautiful rooms for them. 

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