Monday, August 27, 2012

La Babes in La Forest

I really wanted to get a few more pictures of la babes while the trees were still lush with green leaves and summer was still painting the sky with robust sunshine that warms us to the core. Although today, we could all feel the change of season upon us. It was slightly brisk and called for layers, which has been so rare this summer. 

September is just around the corner, and once again we will be bundled in sweet sweaters like Cove's below. Until then, I'm requesting Summer to please give us just a few more lazy days in our bathing suits and sun hats. Just a few more days please. Indian summer would be so welcome.

Can u spot Cove sneaking around the tree? 
Little turkey, I'm always chasing after him these days. 

He is so animated. His face expressions crack me up. 
But that smile...heaven for this mama.

Let me explain, lol. She loves anything and everything pink, even if its a pink thread she found all tangled up in a bed of sticks and leaves. She had to have her picture taken with her little pink treasure. 

They are constantly sword fighting. 
I just pray one of them doesn't lose an eye. 

We leave for Kelowna for a week next Friday. Camping on the beach with these two is going to be a riot. We haven't had a family getaway for awhile, so I'm hoping for nice weather and plenty of RNR with the littles. Is that possible? Probably not, but you know what I mean. Trips to the ice-cream parlour, long swims in the lake, sandcastles, plenty of fresh air, and maybe mommy and daddy can slip in a wine tour. Ha, I can dream. 

Hope you loved our stroll through that pretty forest. Its so fun to capture them in all their baby glory, especially just around the corner from our home. Its nice I don't have to go far for great pics. These two babes are keeping this mama busy, and fall is just about to get kind of crazy. Although, Morgan isn't really a baby anymore. Yesterday, I asked her, "If you had a choice between getting a cat or a dog, which would you choose?" She replied, "A CAT. No, wait! A pink cat that can talk." Ok...mommy will see what she can do;)

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  1. that forest is such a dream! Can't believe they're wearing sweaters, we won't be in any for a few months still over in Phoenix. So funny they play swords when they're so little. Hope camping is a blast! So cute about the pink cat, does someone like hello kitty?