Saturday, August 4, 2012

Somewhere Out There

All around the world people are creating amazing places to dwell. Somewhere out there, these places exist. I love that people are taking risks. These images are just a few that fascinate me. We no longer have to live in rectangular boxes, and why should we. We are so much more creative and complex than a square, unless its a lovely square of course. 

Tom Fruin: Glass House, Copenhagen, 2010

This one makes my heart skip a beat.
Transparent Sleeper Cabin, Finland

Home library

Blik Wall Decals, Dan Goldan- Fun Bus

Bohemian Heart Path
Petit Hotel D'hafa, Sayulita Mexico

Gold and Cement- Tadao Ando

Can you imagine? Weeee!

I am so in love with the idea of a window in place of a vanity mirror.
So doing this in my next house.

Megan Gecklar
'Through Looking Back You May Go Blind' 2011
Los Angelas, CA

Front door magic

Dublin, Ireland
Can you believe this actually exists.

Just because I love this...

...and this.

Painted floors, yellow chairs 

Ok, and this too.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

Whatever crazy idea you have, don't be afraid to make it fly. Living in a space that is a reflection of who you are is not only energizing, but also totally awesome. Right now, I'd love to blow up some of my photography into giant canvases. Creating my own art would be so fun, and a way to get some of these wonderful pics off our computer and into our lives. Don't you think? 

I'm dying to paint something in this gorgeous blush...Morgan's room? She's obsessed with pink, but this pink is by no means obtrusive, just a whisper of feminine flare on her walls. 
Happy Friday all you creative folk. And if you're not feeling creative. Get to it! xo

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  1. wow, that house in Ireland would thoroughly freak me out! love the window in front of the mirrow and so many others.