Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Heart Is My Heart

We got this little pink strawberry stroller for Morgan last summer, but its only now that she's really into it. Just like mommy, she pushes it around when we go for our neighbourhood strolls. Cove in mine, baby Marigold in hers. Just around the corner from our home is this sweet little green space with a 'secret forest' in what looks like just a handful of plain old trees. When you step inside and crouch down to your three-year-old self, you can explore below the thick canopy of ferns and evergreens. 

Every few steps, Morgan and I knock on the trees, inviting the fairies to come out for some afternoon tea, but they're too shy and wish to stay inside, sorting their pockets of fairy dust. So we step on, studying wild flowers, fallen twigs, bugs and sappy acorns. I'm not sure who loves it more, mommy or Morgan? Here's a glimpse into our special place where the sunshine hides and the green blinds. Have littles? Come and join us some time. We'd love to take you on a dreamy walkabout. 

That afternoon, Morgan's little star pants inspired me to start teaching her 'Star Light, Star Bright.' After our stroll, we lazed around in the grass, and I whispered. "Star light, star bright, I wish upon a star tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might..." And you know what she softly cuts in with. "And my heart is my heart, my heart is my heart, my heart, tonight." 

I was like, PARDON ME? Did you actually just say that? I was so shocked, as MY HEART melted right there in all the weeds and grass. Speechless, I grabbed her. Squeezed her. Kissed her. And told her how much I loved her. A little poet, maybe? Talk about cut from the same quilt!:) 

This is why I love being a mama to these two. Its not all fairy forests and wild flowers, but some days, its all that and more. Thank you Morgan and Cove, thank you for reminding me why childhood is so darn good. Playing along with the two of you is crazy fun until someone has to poop(ed). xo


  1. oh, I just found your blog via Em (my neighbour) and it's divine. I teach yoga too, and have two kids, and a red bugaboo - so very many similarities! Lovely to have 'met' you in your gorgeous space x

  2. Jodi! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment:) So cool you live next door to Emily, love it! Sounds like we have the same life, well I guess its decided then, we're friends.:) xxoo

  3. wooohhh your kids are so cute. She is so adorable!