Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cherry Blossoms and Pretties

I cant even tell you how happy I am that we've had such an early spring. The kids and I have been pretty much living outside. The first thing Morgan says when she wakes up in the morning is, "Where's daddy?" and "Mommy, lets get some fresh air." So cute and Cove is right behind her. If I even open the front door for a split second, he makes a bee line to it, almost catapulting himself out. When I close it, he wails with discontent. Its terrible. I guess its never too early to venture out, but I'd at least like to get out of my housecoat, maybe get some panties on, and something in their bellies, right? Probably a good idea, especially the panty part. 

Interesting how we are so drawn to the outdoors from a wee age. Even if I'm feeling a little tired (or exhausted), as soon as I get out in the fresh air, I instantly feel energized and refreshed. I love my kids for always inspiring and pushing me to get out and even more so, get back in touch with nature. As an adult, its so easy just to walk (or drive) right by it all, but children love to get their hands dirty. All those gorgeous cherry blossom trees, and now the lilacs trees have been the highlight of every outdoor adventure. Never mind their sweet heady scent that bewitches me with spring bliss. Morgan likes to study them, pick them and take them home to put in vase on the table. Its lovely. 

Here are a hodgepodge of pictures we've taken over the past couple of weeks. Cove is almost a year old, can you believe it!? I feel like I was just posting my maternity pictures with him still in my BIG belly. I love the age he's at right now. He motors around like crazy, checking out his world with such sweet curiosity, but still climbs up for a good mommy snuggle. I could just eat him up! 

Their face expressions just kill me in this photo! So funny.  

Below here are some pictures of some jewelry I've made to include in my Pura store. Its coming along, but it all takes so much time and love, and to be honest, I'd rather spend that time loving up my littles, so its a SLOW process. I'm in love with the creations below, and excited to see them go to lovely owners. kind of hard to let them go! More to come. I'm getting there, so please stay tuned for some more pretties. 

Have a great week everyone, and I'll post another here soon. I have some serious catching up to do. xo

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