Friday, June 22, 2012

Winter Wedding

My best friend, Lindsay, is getting married this year and choose to do a fabulous winter wedding. (Thank you for indulging us all, Linds). Just like the fairy-tale day we've been dreaming up together since we were fifteen. I can hardly believe its quick approaching this December. Eeeee! Above is a fabulous picture of Lindsay and her handsome fiance, Justin, celebrating his graduation from dentistry with a sizzling kiss. How smokin are these two! 

Lindsay is a stunning, strong woman, from head to toe, heart to soul. We've been living so far away from each other for so many years, but our friendship never pales in strength or love. We've been best friends since junior high, and share a million wonderful and hilarious memories. This girl has so much going for her, it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. Justin, is a perfect match for this goddess of wit, messiness, rock n roll, the 6 o'clock news (she's a spectacular anchor) and endless good looks. Together, a power couple oozing with love and amazing times ahead...and BABIES, dozens and dozens of them! Yes, I can't wait! 

I've put together a photo blog of winter wedding inspiration. These two love sparrows are getting married in the rocky mountains- beautiful Banff, December 2012. Our bridesmaid's dresses are black lace with wine red underlay- absolutely gorgeous. I can hardly wait! From cakes to photography, flowers, dresses, decorations and of course FOOD (our fav part, Linds). 

Lindsay stayed with me the night before my wedding back in 2007. Can you believe it been 5-years, I can't. I don't think either of us got a wink of sleep that night. We always have too much to say, too much to giggle about, we are both such goofs. I love this girl with every corner of my stinkin heart. (This picture kind of makes me miss my long hair and my face before babies AKA- NO SLEEP, ha). Anyways, back to the gorgeous bride to be! 

Linds, I know you've nailed down quite a few details already, but you might just want to squeeze in a few of these pretty babies, and mostly, its just fun to oogle over everything winter wedding! 

Could be Banff!

Christmas ball chandeliers. Do it yourself! 

Imagine through the snow. 

Glam, glam, glam. 

Not in the winter, but just loved this canopy so much. 

Simple, but elegant centrepiece. 

Yes! Hot cocoa with a side of mini donut. 
Lindsay, these are not an option, you must have them!

Crazy cool. 

Congrats you two. Besides the fact that you are going to be the most beautiful bride ever, your day is going to be something else. I'll be standing right next to you, laughing with you, soaking it all in, and of course, wiping my tears of pure joy. Love you guys and your future babies, all 12 of them, please. xo

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