Monday, June 11, 2012

After the Rain- Part One

Its been raining here for a week, so as soon as we saw the sunshine this morning, we ventured out. I love the rain but a week straight is a bit much. We have a little park just around the corner from our home. We've deemed it as our special place. It has a great patch of grass to run free on and some pretty woodland too (we call it the Fairy Forest). 

Morgan thinks dandelions are so beautiful and loves to make a wish when she blows their fluffy bits up into the sky (I mostly sneeze.) So that's exactly what we did, except Cove just wanted to eat them. I can't tell you how many fluffy bits I had to fish out of his mouth- crazy turkey. I took my big girl camera out and got some pretty lovely shots. I may actually get around to developing a few of these...maybe. 

More to come in the Fairy Forest. xo

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