Thursday, December 13, 2012

La Petite Artists

This was the first time Cove got to exercise her artistry skills. I cant even let the poor guy colour because he eats crayons and felt tips like candy. Our painting extravaganza started out pretty chill. I thought, 'great, I think he might be ready for this'...duh, a minute later he was drinking the paint and rubbing it in his hair.

Not only that, but it was the first time I had ever used this so called 'kid friendly' paint, and it was like nail polish. I could not get it off their skin! I had to scrub his scalp with a nail brush. I thought he was seriously going to have patches of blue hair for Christmas. Finally, patience, some elbow grease and serious soap got it out. Maybe we'll hold off on the arts and crafts for a little awhile longer. Ya think?!

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