Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toy Cars and Tutus

Photo credit- The Pink Couch 

I love the idea of buying sweet lil toy cars and holidaying them up with tiny Christmas trees strapped on top. A charming little trinket for the mantel, or in a children's room. Would also make a super sweet little gift from someone small in your life. Maybe the elf on the shelf needs to deliver one to our house this week! 

I'm so happy we picked up this little joy banner in Cali. 
Christmas time in our house is messy, clean, messy, clean, and definitely 
full of joy...and tantrums too.   

This girl loves wearing her birthday suit, or a fabulous frock such as this vibrant lil number, paired with her uncle's baseball cap. She definitely has her own style and frowns upon anything plain. My little drama queen always keeps things exciting and oh so sweet. Sometimes I wish I could wear something like this around the house, can you imagine?! I think she wishes mommy would sport something like this too.

I hope you are all enjoying your home and littles over the holidays. I've been keeping Morgan busy with Christmas crafts and a tiny bit of baking. Cove is content cuddling with mama, playing with his cars, chasing after his big sis, or helping daddy fix things. Oh yes, and mommy loves that afternoon nap time for Cove, where Morgs and I can just listen to music and get creative. xo

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