Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Be Three- 20 Question Interview

I'm so happy I took the time to conduct this twenty question interview with Morgan to capture her at 3-years old. Some of the answers I expected (being her mommy and all), but others surprised and even amazed me. This is about the time in her life she'll begin to remember forever. Hard to believe really, considering she's already lived such a full, beautiful life. I hope she's absorbed all its goodness into her cells. Amazing what they experience and how much they grow into little people in such a short period of time. I can't imagine my life without this spunky, intelligent, thoughtful, high-energy, creative, lovebug. She challenges me every minute to be the best mommy, teacher, friend, wife, neighbour... everything. Its not always easy being three. We learn more about each other everyday. Giggles, meltdowns, cuddles, story time, bath time...its always a huge adventure, but we get to do it together, and hopefully we get better at it everyday too.

I'm so thankful I get 'loves' from this amazing human being, whom I'm so lucky to have as my beautiful daughter. Morgan will be four in May... FOUR... and all these precious lil answers are sure to change. So here's my lil sweetpea at three-

1. Fav Colour- PINK
2. What do you want to do when you grow up? Work with daddy
3. Fav food? Lobster and...Ichi Ban
4. Fav treat? Pupcakes (cupcakes)
5. What's your fav thing to do? Paint
6. Summer or winter? SUMMER
7. Best friend? Savana
8. Fav story? A fairytale, Fav music? Cool boy music (punk, rock- go figure)
9. Fav game? Go Fish and Candyland
10. Holiday or home? HOME
11. Gymnastics or ballet? Gymnastics
12. What do you like most about your brother? (no comment, lol)
13. Fav animal? Pink kittens
14. What do you do in your free time? I like to hang upside down because everything looks different
15. Fav drink? Shirley Temples, but I'm sad when they forget the cherry...
16. What do you take to bed with you? My animals, my blankie and MOMMY
17. Fairy or Princess? Princess
18. What does daddy do for work? Works with his friends, uses tools and buys money
19. What does mommy do for work? You look after Covey and I...and you teach people how to chill (hehe, I'm a yoga teacher)
20. What does love mean to you? Love means a hug.

Melts my heart... If you haven't done this with your lil one, I recommend getting cuddly and having a curious little chat. If you can't capture their attention for all 20 questions, ask them over a span of a few days. That worked the best with Morgan. You'll find their answers are quite dependant on their mood too, so ask when they're ideally well rested and chatty! So special, sweet, and funny. They'll love reading this in years to come just as much as you will.

To be three- AMAZING! 
We love you darling girl. xx

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