Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Wildflower and Her Snowman

She's definitely wild, and she loooves flowers.
So, this only makes sense.:) 

She still crashes after a week or so of not napping. Its usually between 3-5pm, so we prepare ourselves for the rising of the night owl. Thank goodness its maybe only once a week. We got out yesterday evening before dinner, and built and snowman in the front yard. Sometimes I feel so cooped up with them, long spans of fresh air is always welcome. And our snowman rocked...he stands proudly in our front yard, stick arms, black hat, carrot nose and all. My sweet lil wildflower checks on him every morning to make sure he hasn't melted. I guess its one of the charming things about living in chilly Edmonton. Snowmen are a common dem round cuties.

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