Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morgan's 3rd Birthday- Part 2

Still can't believe this sweet girl is three! After spending a wet and wild afternoon at the Waterpark, we all came back to our place for a BBQ, cake and opening presents., of course. The weather held up for a little while, but we all ended up coming inside to feast and watch the littles play. And boy, did they play! Morgan was so excited to have her friends over, and open her presents, that's of course when she finally woke up... Each gift was so thoughtful and sweet, she was in heaven. 

We kept the BBQ pretty intimate which felt right this year, no stress and truly a relaxing affair. Still plenty of mess though! I love birthday messes. They are so beautiful- ripped up bright wrapping paper, toys everywhere, melted ice-cream on paper plates, half deflated balloons, treat bags, empty juice cups and a heap of amazing memories.

My birth dad, Rob, came down for the party and took Morgan to Build A Bear after the Waterpark. They built the sweetest bear together, but she was so exhausted she zonked out on the way home. We had a heck of a time waking her up for her own party. 'Its my party, and I'll sleep if I want to.'

The birthday girl chair!

Morgan and Nathan have been friends since they were 4-months old. When Nathan's mommy, Suz, asked Nathan what he wanted to get Morgan for her birthday, 
he replied with, "A mountain and a rainbow." 
Talk about a keeper! Simply precious.

My birth dad, Rob. So happy he joined us.

OK, you can grow up, but please try and do it very slowly.
We love you Morgan, we love you sooooo much. 

Happy 3rd birthday sweetpea. xxoo

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