Saturday, March 9, 2013


Venice Beach is often described as the Brooklyn of Los Angelas. It bustles with all walks of life, and is fertile ground for artists, families, surfers and free-spirits alike. Its grown exponentially over the past 20-years. Google, amongst other forward thinkers, now have their head offices there, attracting more people, more energy. I fell in love with the vintage shops, the trendy boutiques chalked full of local talent, and the lush side streets, bursting with feathery ferns, cherry blossom trees and little old houses wrapped in wisteria, wreaking of character and comfort. Often with hammocks, surf boards or cruiser bikes lazily gracing their front porches. The beach is broad and soothing, leading to Santa Monica and other urban flip-flop centres along the coast.

I stayed in a quiet abode off the beaten path. My hosts were actually British and lovely, even their little dog Ollie was sweet. The self-contained architect designed guest house soothed with contemporary lines, heaps of natural light and foxtails that peaked into the low lying windows of the bathroom. My view from the bed was a massive oak tree that gazed upon me every morning. Or was I doing the gazing? Maybe both... Its trunk- grounding and affirmative. Thousands of leaves bathing in pockets of sunlight, as if to say, "Good morning doll, time to rise and SHINE. "

A few weeks earlier, I decided that now was the time to head to Los Angeles. I had just chosen another ambassador for Pura, my line of natural botanical tinctures created for the urban naturalist. A eco-luxe collection of essential oil blends and skincare that swoons with quality ingredients and the pure intentions of love. I was itching to spend more bonding time with Pura's ambassador, the divine gypsy goddess and yogi, Myrah Penaloza. Myrah and Pura together, would create magic.

Myrah lives in California, which is funny, because I feel such a connection to the ocean state, especially after the trip our family took out there this past October. I felt a sense of urgency, and knew I needed to jump on a plane and just go, so that's exactly what I did. You know, the intuition taps right into deepest corridor of your inner wisdom and never leads you astray. So... bon voyage Edmonton, hello sunny California! 

I've created a space for Pura- its very own blog. Please visit this link if you'd like to check out the scoop on Pura in all its perennial growth and exciting adventures. Learn about Pura's tinctures, how they're created and mostly, what fuels and inspires this vessel to sail. Discover Pura's six ambassadors, and where all this wonderful, fertile Pura energy is heading. In pure we trust! xx

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