Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Our family of four decided to seize a beautiful afternoon and make our way down the zillion stairs to Edmonton's beautiful river valley. We didn't get down there enough this summer, as we spend much of our free time at the cabin, but its mid week. Brydon got off early, so lets carpe diem. 

You can feel fall. It stirs in the trees, a crispness that lingers through the sun. Most everything is still green, but there are a few trees beginning their divine transformation. Micro splashes of ruby and tangerine. Morgan loves it, and asks who's been painting the trees? The fall fairies, of course, my love.

We thought we were in for a lovely little stroll, but with a 14-months old and 3 year old, this was a mission. A mission full of adventures, and actually some pretty great exercise for all of us. 3.5-hours later, we made a round trip, all the way back to the car. Phew, loved it!

I love how gloriously happy she looks in this picture. Must be the awesome fresh air, and that we're all together for a beautiful walk, well trek more like it. I wish we could do this everyday. Would love to be in a climate conducive to this. That would be lovely... 

As we descended down into the river valley, the air surprised us. It was dewy and divinely fresh like the many rain-forests we hiked through in Costa Rica. It was moist against our skin, soothing to our lungs. It felt like we were another city, another country. 

Can you spot my husband and Morgan up at the very top, under the 142nd Street bridge? Yup, that's them! Brydon decided to kick off his flip flops and hike all the way up this crazy steep hill. But, you know, what goes up, must come down. So in his bare-feet, at mock speed, with Morgan held tight in his one arm, he surfed all the way to the ground- safely, thank goodness...except, he cut the bottom of his foot with a random piece of glass. Yuck. Ouch. And this was at the beginning of our 3-hour trek down the trail. That's a man for ya. What a nut...but Morgan loved it. 

My dare devils. 

Halfway through our journey, we came upon a secluded dock used by the Edmonton Rowing Club. I so wished one of those boats was ours. I fell in love with the mint green one. We dream of having a home on a lake one day. I want to sip my morning tea on the edge of the dock. Sun on my back, toes dangling in the cool water. Its my favourite dream. Sigh. 

For now, this is pretty dreamy. My hubby is king to our children. These pictures make me fall in love with him a little more. He loves his babies so deeply, and knows how to spend quality time with them. Can you ask for more? Beyond grateful.  

Yay, crazy puppies!

'In Her Father's Footsteps'

With a little stop at Laurier's, Good Earth Cafe for a nourishing late lunch, and some homemade chocolate ice-cream to polish it all off, our afternoon was complete. Now they shall nap. Well, Cove for sure. Morgan's an anti-sleep warrior, to our dismay.:)

Our happy and very sleepy baby. xo

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