Friday, July 16, 2010

A week in the mountains, adds a year onto your life.

It's been awhile since my last post. Life has taken me for a very busy ride. So much as happened, and I'm not sure where to begin. How about my divine trip to Jasper...

The air smelled like pine needles, glacier water and sweet sweet Jasper.

We had to deglamorize our sweet-pea
into a mountain trekin piglet.

My dad's fiance is working in Jasper for the summer for a white water rafting company. She is renting a fabulous home nestled right into a mountain. A perfect getaway haven for rest and play.

Sun, bugs, dirt, and grass- Morgan's favourite combination.

Pretty, pretty poppy.

Daddy arrived on Grandpa's bike.
Morgan was thrilled to see her motorbiking papa.

Looking G.O.O.D babe.

'Brrrrrr, daddy.

Now that's what I call a backyard.
There's nothing more grounding or life-affirming
than immersing yourself in nature.

May the trees and mud feel your love. We sure do!

After a good ride, a dip in the creek is all
you need to refresh those hot toesies.

Crystal clear, liquid heaven.

Feel the earth beneath your soles.
Sink into its strength and surrender all your tension.

This is the path right outside Bev's back gate- truly magical. Every time I opened that gate, it felt like I was stepping into Narnia- so beautiful.

Home sweet bliss for the week.

Morgan relaxing after a big, fabulous hike.
All that fresh air is the perfect potion for a very sleepy baby.

The colours in nature always astound me.
The contrasts are magnificent,
and I just love all that restorative green.

The views were just awesome.
I'm seriously considering the big J for retirement.
Although, that's just 'a little' ways away.

'Hello friend.'

Reaching out for Grandpa's oh so loveable lips.

The wicked abode of my dear friend, Woody-woody-wood-pecker.

This rock spoke to me.
It said, "Look at me, I'm beautiful!"

Ah, the healing creek.
This picture incapsulates my stay in Jasper.

A little golden nugget that Bev shared with me- "Don't be like a river. They usually take the path of least resistance and end up quite crooked." Done. Normally we romanticize rivers in quotes and poetry, but this insight is a little different. Sometimes, falling flat on our face is just what the universe ordered.

This week was exactly what I needed. I went for some serious RnR, but the universe had quite a different plan in mind. The biggest surprise of my life unfolded very quickly one evening, which was totally unexpected but very welcome indeed. My life drastically changed in only a few hours. I'll fill you in on my next post. Stay tuned, this one will knock your socks off!

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