Monday, June 14, 2010

La la la Lake

I spent the weekend at the lake with Brydon's family... all 35 of them. The weather was smokin hot, so it was the perfect place to be. We spent Saturday afternoon at Jennifer's camping shower sipping wine spritzers, lemonade and nibbling on gooey rice crispy squares along with other yummy sweets and treats.

Morgan motored around in the grass and soaked in the sun. She also agreed to keep her bonnet on for the first time too, which made mommy very happy. We also celebrated Auntie Karen's 60th birthday. I've gotten used to the heaps of people around and find it quite relaxing now. Brydon loves it so much, that I can't help but see the best in it too.

She doesn't leave the house these days without her favourite rose quartz and amazonite necklace on. The stones are known to attract love and serenity. The girl knows a good thing. Click the pic to make larger, the stones are even prettier up close.

Watch out ladybugs, she's on the move!

Tired and hungry monkeypants.

Admiring Nana's pretty earrings.
She is so into jewelry already.
I'm training her well.

Not too sure about the frog pool yet,
but maybe a nap first would be nice mom.


This was the best part of the whole weekend. I was so excited to share this with you. During a long walk at dusk, Brydon and I stumbled upon a lovely Robin's nest, perched on top of old sheets of plywood at the side of our shed. When we leaned in to get a closer look, we were delighted to spot two gorgeous turquoise eggs inside. I snuck a quick shot before mama bird (who I referred to as Ruthie darling) could swoop in and peck my eye out.

Here they are- snug as a bug. Aren't they beautiful? I'm naming them Bobby-Jo and Lila Jean, two little country bumpkins. 'Keep warm and and well little ones. I look forward to hearing you sing, sing, sing.'

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  1. I'm glad you named it Lila Jean and not Lyla Jean! Beautiful photos Lane, you have a real eye for all things beautiful.