Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stinky Flowers- Huh?

I was craving a good dose of sunlight, fresh plant air and some fun with the littles, so we packed up and headed to the Muttart Conservatory for the afternoon. I thought we'd be there for just over an hour or so, but we ended up pyramid hoping all afternoon. We also had a little lunch at Culina's- which is a must by the way. Food, service, ambiance- the best. Their flourless chocolate cake- to die for. Perfect little spot for couples too. Move over Sugarbowl, I could make this place a weekly love affair.

Morgan loved the flowers, although she oddly claimed that they all stunk. I know, so weird. I thought the tropical and temperate pyramids smelt like heaven, but all she could say was. "Ewwww, stinky mommy'. What a cooky nugget.

What drew us there in the first place was the feature pyramid. It was overflowing with tulips and daffodils and was set up as a teddy bear's picnic- Morgan loved it. If you have little ones, this is worth the visit. Just being among the nature, is worth it.

Here's our little adventure in pictures. I just adore these two so much. Sometimes I can't even believe they're mine to love forever. Watching them discover little natural treasures all around the Muttart was so fun. Of course, I went snap crazy.

Cove was so ready for a good nursing session
and a long nap when we got home.
The perfect day...
Except, next time we'll bring daddy.

What do you like to do with you kids on those days you just need to get out of the house?
Any favourite menu items at Culina Muttart, I need to try next time?
Do your littles find flowers stinky too?

Anyways, Morgan just woke up and said there's a booger in her room.
Lucky me, I get to go find it.;) Gotta run, the glamour job calls.

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